Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's a small world

portrait of a fellow art student in the 1970's (see it's a small world)

It's a small world

In the space of a few days I've had three coincidences which were too amazing not to put down on my blog.

The first and most unusual was this. I was at my art show at the McKay Gallery where there were a few paintings about Malta amongst all the others. So I was not surprised when somebody walked in and asked me if I was from Malta. He, himself, was a Maltese Canadian and we started talking.

It turns out that his father (since deceased) was an artist and used to study art in Malta at the same art school as me in the evenings. His face seemed familiar and when I told him that I actually had a portrait which I had made of his father way back over 30 years ago, he could hardly believe me.

Back home I looked up my old paintings and there it was, not one but two portraits of his father in oils which I had done as a student of the Maltese artist Esprit Barthet! I emailed copies of the paintings to him and he was excited and passed them on to his family. He will be calling to take these historic paintings home as a gift from me in memory of his father! What are the odds of this happening?

My second coincidence was that I recently returned from a trip to N. Carolina. And the first painting I sold at my art show was to a lady from .. you guessed, N. Carolina who was on a visit to Canada.

My last coincidence in the space of these few days. I was talking to a member of our art club about my forthcoming visit to London, England for Stephen's wedding. She asked me where I would be staying in London as she was born in London, guess where; in Muswell Hill, the same place that we will be staying.